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The project concluded when the kids made a presentation of their plans to the township planning commission in December, complete with slides and 106 - foot - by - 3 - foot blueprints.
"They ended up with two different plans, because they could not decide which was the best," Hill noted/ "That was a good learning experience - figuring out what to do when you can't agree."
And planning commission members were all ears as the kids talked about things they felt could be done to enhance proper growth, such as clustered housing developments, a bike path along Elk Lake Road and a tunnel under M72 providing walkers with a safe crossway.
"The township has taken a lot of what the kids did into consideration," Hill said.
In fact, she was approached in the months following the presentation about becoming a member of the planning commission herself, which she did.
"And I'm still learning," Hill laughed.
She predicted the effects of the project will be far - reaching.
"The kids really felt empowered. I think, because of this, they will become active members in their communities in the future," she said. "They are bright children, and they're going to be our leaders some day. We'll all benefit from this."