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The class originally worked out a growth plan for a fictitious model "village", but decided they wanted to continue the project by figuring out positive ways a real community could deal with growth.
"We knew that the Whitewater Township Planning Commission was trying to design plan for a village," Hill said. "And the majority of the kids just happened to be from that area."
She said the project started with a simple presentation, and just continued to grow and expand.
"The best part of the whole thing was that we used experts from the area," Hill said. "It was not just me or just the class. All this factual stuff kept pouring in. It was wonderful."
Hill invited speakers from New Designs for Growth, the Soil Conversation District, the Grand Traverse Watershed Initiative and the Grand Traverse Regionally Land Conservancy to talk to the class about the benefits of planning ahead for the growth. The class also identified different types of soil using topographical map of the area to determine the best location for the new development.
They even went on a guided tour of Williamsburg with local historian Jane Acker, who pointed out sites and building with historical significance.
"Everyone was pulling for us, (because) they wanted the kids to learn," said Hill.