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Specifically, Hill was honored for a six - week class project she headed up in the fall of 1997, in which her 18 Challenge students planned out ways to deal with the future growth of Williamsburg in Whitewater Township.
"I was surprised," Hill said of her Environmentalist of the Year status. "I'm still wondering who (nominated me)." Although pleased with the honor, Annie Hill insisted it was her students who were the "real workers".
Hill lives in Williamsburg with her husband Wayne, a Traverse City based law enforcement consultant and psychologist.
She graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and took her master's degree at Central Michigan University. Hill has spent her entire 16 - year teaching career in the Elk Rapids school district.
She said she's "probably" an environmentalist, but no one who believes all development is negative.
"You can have an area grow, but you can also take care of that area's environment, "Hill said. "There is no doubt in my mind this area will grow, and we need to be prepared and have some plans in place so we can handle it."
It was so pleasant to work with her. Annie Hill is a wonderful woman. She is very active, wise, attentive to everybody, she has a wonderful sense of humor. I hope we will meet soon. BYE!!!